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Noe Sanchez travelled with his father from Valparaiso Zacatecas, Mexico to join his sister living in Cheyenne, WY in 1975. He started his career with Reed Construction in Cheyenne as a concrete laborer in 1976. The next year, he was asked to move positions to become an asphalt laborer. Noe immediately progressed to running various machines in many positions with the asphalt laydown crews. Simon, then Simon Contractors, acquired Reed Construction in 1982. Noe was then asked to take on a leadership role and was moved to the position of Asphalt Foreman. He was a little overwhelmed, thinking he might not be able to handle the report writing, due to limited English writing ability. His wife offered to help him with the translation, and within the first year, he was proficient at the required reports. He has enjoyed a long and fruitful career leading the asphalt crews for Simon in Cheyenne ever since.

If you meet Noe, you’ll find a very fun, warm and thoughtful person. You’ll certainly leave laughing. Noe found early on that leading people is easily done if you are helpful, thoughtful and trusting. He’s quick to find time to show an employee new things to better their skills. His first task is to take care of his team. His great attitude allows his team to quickly learn the process, machinery and plan for the project at hand. In Noe’s words, “if you treat people well, they do their best work for you and the company”.

Simon has prospered with Noe Sanchez leading the asphalt crews. And he always shows up smiling.

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